We can bring our performers along to your event to interact with your guests, and entertain your clients, Our acts and costumes can be tailored to any event: completely immersive, or small, unique, and roaming.
Our current acts are listed below. If you would a bespoke performance created for your event, get in touch with us at




A little bit of the STORY:
The proprietors and staff of the Mayfair’s elite Hotel, long since abandoned by their glamorous clientele, , have faded along with the furnishings and slowly descended the stairway towards insanity.
Rattling through the corridors on their hotel trolley, they frantically attempt to maintain the superior service they were once so famous for by charming guests via that most sophisticated of mediums: the Hotel-A-Gram Typewriter.
Typing personalised letters, love-notes and limericks, and dispensing room-keys and other trinkets, they delight or bewilder all who wander through the hotel doors.


The proprietors and staff of the elite LOVE Hotel, are desperate for new clients and better ratings on trip adviser. They offer Complimentary Room Services to lure guests to make the reservations they so badly need.  Choose from the Menu, from a deep clean, to a blindfolded sensory dining experience.


The Squiggles and Wiggles family eventually came to realise that their antiquated HOTELAGRAM service no longer cut the mustard in the modern age of globalisation, leading their eldest son, BYAN, to sell the hotel and launch a new venture, BRYAN AIR. This metamorphosis of the family business had lofty aspirations with its impossibly cheap flights to tropical destinations, promises of luxury in-flight treatment by its sassy stewards and hostesses, and the technologically advanced air-mail-a-gram. But, as with all of this fine family's noble undertakings, the reality sadly falls somewhat short. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare yourselves for flight cancellations, confusing health and safety demonstrations, lost luggage, and inappropriate post. Safe, comfortable and timely delivery to your promised destination not guaranteed.